The Ascent Team offers you a great space to work:

A place where you can seize opportunities, take initiative, learn and develop key skills, and have a real impact.

“I have a real passion for hydrogen, and I love being able to work in a team who's goals are aligned with my own, in such a new and exciting industry.”

Samuel WestLondon, UK

“Working with such a global diverse team has been eye opening, and has allowed me to broaden my horizons and develop my professional skills.”

Lucas PangSingapore

“Working at Ascent means you don't just get the investment exposure, but because they work so closely with the companies they invest in, you also get a lot of exposure to the daily operational side of the companies.”

Vera Jinting LiuChengdu, China

“I love the flexible work environment at Ascent, as it allows me to build out my own schedule and find specific ways that I can add value to projects. I believe working with Ascent and our hydrogen champions will bring us closer towards a carbon free future.”

Zak GoldsteinBali, Indonesia

We look for future Hydrogen Champions.

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