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Real Conversation With Ascent Funds CIO Mark Gordon: The Great Energy Transition

<<June 1, 2023>> The world is barreling toward a supply crisis. The human population has grown exponentially, and with it, our dependence on oil as an energy source. In this…

President of Ascent Fund appointed Singapore H2 Grand Prix Ambassador

<<March 23, 2023>> Singapore To Host Hydrogen Grand Prix Series President of Ascent Hydrogen Fund, David Wu appointed as Singapore H2GP ambassador President of Ascent Hydrogen Fund, David Wu appointed…

Ascent Funds Invests in Forge Nano

Ascent Funds Invests in Forge Nano Atomic Armor for Lithium-Ion Batteries & Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Atomic Armor is a nanocoating technology that improves the performance of critical  energy-transition products…

Hydrogen — Tomorrow’s Energy, Today

Learn more about why we think Hydrogen is the next champion in energy.

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