Our Projects

We align ourselves with owner-managers, bring the focus and expertise of the entire Ascent team to each investment, and work collaboratively with our partners to evaluate opportunities, make strategic decisions and create value.

Hyzon Motors

Zero-Emission Mobility

Hyzon Motors is a market leader in hydrogen fuel cell mobility, and possess the most power-dense fuel cell in the world.

Raven SR

Waste to Energy

Raven SR has developed a waste-to-energy process creating affordable green hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuel.


H2 Exploration

Helios, Aragon explores for natural hydrogen. The Aragon Project has proven naturally occurring 'Gold Hydrogen' and post extraction depleted reservoirs can be used to store locally produced hydrogen. Helios Aragon is geographically well positioned to make Zaragoza a hydrogen city of the future.


Hydrogen — Tomorrow’s Energy, Today

Learn more about why we think Hydrogen is the next champion in energy.

We look for future Hydrogen Champions.

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